Increase sales accepting bitcoin payments in real time.

TurinPay is a full API solution to let merchants (off and online) to receive bitcoin payments in real time, and free, forever.

The API for merchants to get
instant payments in bitcoin, and free

TurinPay is a merchant-focused product to let any commerce to increase Sales accepting instant payments through the bitcoin-lightning network. With a very simple integration and an always-free-model for the merchant, they can interact with more consumers from any part of the world. No waits, no frontiers, no costs. It just works.

Increase Sales

Attract new customers from crypto space if they know they can pay with Bitcoin-LN: a new infrastructure designed for instant and cheap BTC payments.

Always free. Forever

You will never pay for TurinPay. We don’t charge any kind of fees to merchants, just a small fee to final customers. Stay focus on your business.

Simple integration

Add the payment button in a simple way in your website or e-commerce through our API and start to accept payments. It just works.

Crypto-level safety

Be quite. We use the most advanced cryptographic methods, combined with banks best practices, to assure funds.

Developer-first design

A robust and easy to use API

Our API lets you to test the service in Develop environment with a simple-to-use client (TurinWallet)
before going Production. Test, verify and ask for your API key!

Create payment intents

Test the API and configure it attending your business needs,
preventing and blocking bad behaviours.

Integrate turinpay button

Just add the button 'Pay with Turinpay' as you want and
as it fits better with your CSS.

Receive money and withdraw

Receive funds in real time, monitor them and withdraw
them to your bitcoin account when you want.

Get payments from any Bitcoin wallet worldwide

With TurinPay you start to receive payments from new customers with any kind of wallet ready for BTC or BTC-LN.
Are you a developer?
Try TurinPay with our own wallet, TurinWallet. Download it from here. Once you do it activate the ‘developer mode’ and pay your test invoices with faucet bitcoin. You will notice how easy is to integrate TurinPay in your own website and start to receive new revenues!

Woocommerce plugin available

Process payments through TurinPay straight from your wordpress-based e-commerce with our woocommerce free plugin. Coming Soon!

Give it a test ride
  1. Download TurinWallet for your smartphone from one of the links above
  2. Click ‘Try Plugin’ to go to the store
  3. Purchase any item and select the ‘TurinPay’ option to pay
  4. Enable ‘Test mode’ in Turinwallet settings
  5. Press the flask button in the upper bar and scan the QR to complete the payment

Built on the future money

Turinpay is built on Lightning Network, combining the bitcoin infrastructure with the ultrafast payments layer 2.

Up to %100 faster

confirmation times than native Bitcoin, with partial settlement performed in seconds, with a full LN nodes infrastrcuture deployed to scale till the infinite.

100% safe

We hold your funds in a safe way, so you don't have to worry about the volatility. Your funds are SAFU.

Powered by Lightning Network

Turinpay is built by TurinLabs, the company which is approaching Web3 to finance products with decentralised technologies such as Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Polygon and others.

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